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Al Saleh Trading and Energy Company

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It is a global EPC and O&M company established in 2001 for electrical and mechanical power projects. Building on its vast experience in mechanical, electrical and energy business, the company has been able to meet the challenges of the growing global electric and mechanical energy market. With strong engineering capability within the company, global reach, and unparalleled response



Our motto is to be the efficient national and regional in the Electro-Mechanical and Renewable Energy professional and to be recognized for the quality of its Manpower, safety, performance and to satisfy our customers.
To be recognized for recruiting the best experienced Manpower applying latest technology, delivering effective & efficient approaches in serving our customers in safe and friendly environment that address their specific needs.



- Find and continuous development to keep up with the technology at the best possible way. - provide services standards to at most customer satisfaction. - strive for innovation and commitment to our customers. - hire the best people and support them by giving them training and incentives as well as to upgrade the systems. - Improve the quality of services during crises and to provide all regions private vehicles disasters and emergencies.

Message from the general manager

It is a great pleasure for us to have this opportunity to introduce ourselves as Al Saleh Trading and Energy Company.     
We offer a site to introduce us in the hope that we have a mutual understanding in order to reach a long-term relationship. Through this site, I wish you to know the services available in the electrical and mechanical works, renewable energy, etc.
  Thank you in advance and wish you and us long-term operations in Yemen.

General Director :
       Hamad Saleh Mohammed

Hamad Saleh Mohammed

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Why Us?

  • أكثر من 19 عام من الخبرة
  • فريق مؤهل على أعل مستوى
  • منتجات مضمونة وعالية الجودة
  • تقنيات حديثة ومتجددة
  • أسعار منافسة
  • خدمات مابعد البيع


Al Saleh Trading and Energy Company is one of the leading companies in Yemen in the field of EPC and O&M and everything related to electrical tools and energy, with quality, perfection and creativity, we made confidence, renewal and commitment we will continue.

Engineering, building and construction

We work with the most creative architects and designers.

Professional Installation

We have a qualified and trained team to ensure professional installation and a fantastic result

Maintenance and technical support

Anytime you need us we are always at your service

Project development

Benefit from our experience in this field, which exceeds 20 years

Health, Safety and Environment :

Health: Raising the level of health as much as possible among the various positions of employees.
We make sure that the employees carry out their activities in a correct way that does not harm their health.         
Environment: We are constantly working to improve optimal use of energy and the good use of natural resources.
We also get rid of waste in a correct way that preserves the environment.           
Safety: We have taken care of all the employees and officials in the company to implement the safety rules accurately and reliably.
We review safety with all parties by appointing a dedicated team of company employees.

Health, Safety and Environment
What we do:

What we do: :

We have the experience and ability to support electrical, mechanical and renewable energy projects from the start, throughout the development and construction phases throughout the life of the plant.

Development :

Building on our vast project development experience, we selectively target project development opportunities.
We also aim to add value through a collaborative approach with local and international developers and investors.
• Site identification and evaluation.
Electromechanical and Renewable Energy Project.
Studies and improvement of energy productivity.
Environmental permits.
Electrical connections to the electricity network.
Planning and building permits.
• Project development agreements.
• Development of green fields and the brown field.
Financial capabilities.
• Energy Purchase Agreement Analysis.
Improved LCOE.

Energy solutions

Energy solutions :

Al Saleh Trading, Energy, Engineering and Consulting Company is a leading national contractor providing integrated electrical energy solutions Mechanical and renewable energy for projects.
  We offer a full EPC field including control panel, plus system balance according to customer needs.

• Responsibility in the complete delivery of the EPC.
Optimum engineering and interior design.
• Procurement strategy based on certified suppliers from the first level.
• Energy storage integration and hybrid solutions.
Electrical substations and networking.

التشغيل والصيانة :

نحن خبراء في O&M لمحطات الطاقة الشمسية ، نقدم مجموعة كاملة من خدمات مراقبة المصنع والصيانة الوقائية والتصحيحية مدعومة بضمانات تعاقدية مناسبة حسب متطلبات العملاء.
• برامج الصيانة الوقائية.
• إدارة قطع الغيار.
• الصيانة التصحيحية.
• 24/7 مراقبة الوضع عن بعد.

التشغيل والصيانة

Always ready to serve you

& your satisfaction is one of our most important goals.

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لوريم ايبسوم هو نموذج افتراضي يوضع في التصاميم لتعرض على العميل ليتصور طريقه وضع النصوص بالتصاميم سواء كانت تصاميم مطبوعه ... بروشور او فلاير على سبيل المثال ... او نماذج مواقع انترنت

اسم الشخص



نحن فخورون بالعمل مع شركة ال صالح كونهم شركة عالمية في مجال EPC و O&M ومجال الطاقة المتجددة والمضخات مماساعد المزارعين في تحسين وتطوير نشاطاتهم بكفائة عالية وضمانات عالمية.

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لوريم ايبسوم هو نموذج افتراضي يوضع في التصاميم لتعرض على العميل ليتصور طريقه وضع النصوص بالتصاميم سواء كانت تصاميم مطبوعه ... بروشور او فلاير على سبيل المثال ... او نماذج مواقع انترنت

اسم الشخص